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Our Mission

Ocean Welfare Foundation drives social change by fostering an environment where young adults & children learn, lead and thrive.

Organization is working for the differently abled and underprivileged of our community. We are a group of dreamers with a collective vision; ‘Inclusiveness’. We believe that a world without barriers should not be a luxury but a right. We are doing our bit to ensure that disability does not entail disadvantage. we are working to advance the rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in our society and in the larger scheme of national development, through micro level social intervention.

Our Vision

To help build a more influential, equal and socially conscious society.

Nearly 1.73 million children die in India every year due to lack of treatment. We work with communities and the government health systems to improve child and maternal health care.

Child Protection: India has the largest number of child labourers in the world. We work to expose and prevent exploitative child labour practices. We also have child labour prevention programs in areas like West Bengal & Bihar where child trafficking is rampant.

Education: 7.1 million children in India do not go to school. We work to ensure that all children join school. This helps them stay out of child labour as well as in building a promising future for themselves.

Responding to Emergencies and Disaster Risk Reduction Children are the worst affected victims of natural disasters. We work to ensure their right to survival and development after an emergency by providing immediate support. We also train children to resist critical situations during natural disasters

Orphan children are at high risk of severe malnutrition & no education

Volunteers Team

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Shalinee Upadhyay
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We help thousands of children, arrange food & build houses for them