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Most people do. And even though people work hard to earn their money, many give some of it away, often to help strangers.

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This is now very easy to donate and help needy. OWF provides a beautiful platform for you to support needy people.

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You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.
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Welcome To Ocean Welfare Foundation

Ocean Welfare Foundation was founded in 2016 by a small group of friends with a strong passion to change society today and build a better India for tomorrow. The organization provides youngsters a platform to serve the society and bridges the gap between the educated and the uneducated.
Organization is working for the differently abled and underprivileged of our community. We are a group of dreamers with a collective vision; ‘Inclusiveness’. We believe that a world without barriers should not be a luxury but a right. We are doing our bit to ensure that disability does not entail disadvantage. we are working to advance the rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in our society and in the larger scheme of national development, through micro level social intervention.

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Our Mission

The Ocean Welfare Foundation (OWF) works to help poor people in India through several important programs. We provide free financial assistance for medical treatments, making sure patients can get the care and medicines they need but can’t afford. Our goal is to make healthcare available to everyone, no matter their financial situation.

OWF also runs the Jan Ahar Yojana, a program that ensures no one goes to bed hungry. We give out free food to those in need, making sure everyone has enough to eat.

Additionally, we focus on educating poor children. Our volunteers teach and mentor kids from orphanages, slums, and village centers across the country. This helps give these children a better future and also gives our volunteers valuable experiences, preparing them to become leaders in the future.

Through these programs, OWF is making a big difference in many lives, helping to build a healthier, smarter, and better-fed community.

Children & poor people at high risk of severe malnutrition & no education

How We Support

A Child Education NGO
“Education is the most import right that every child deserves, the 11th right from the constitution of India”. We strongly believe that every child in the country should be educated regardless of what class and background he/she belongs to.
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NGOs for Medical Financial Help
We at ocean welfare foundation put our every effort possible to make sure that no child dies due to lack of medication, we make sure that every kid whose family cannot afford the expenses gets the treatment the child deserves.
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Millions of children/ family in India go to bed hungry because their parents/guardians are not able to purchase food for them. Most of them drop out from schools so that they can help their parents and supplement the family income.
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Fundrising for Goodness

OWF Jan Ahar Yojana

To support the poor people of India, OWF runs the Jan Ahar Yojana to ensure that no one should sleep hungry. Our volunteers educate and mentor children from orphanages, slums, and village community centers across the country to give them a better future, which will benefit them and our country. The learning experience is mutual – our volunteers gain perspective and the expertise to mold themselves into tomorrow’s leaders.